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Chewing on pearls
31 July 1988
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20s - 30s fashion, abandoned buildings, acid bath, agnophilia, albino alligators, ancient gargoyles, anima volunteer work, autumn leaves, beanbag cushions, bitchcraft, black eyeliner fetish, black velvet, candlelight, cappuccino + chocolate powder, charlie chaplin movies, crime scene photography, crossword puzzles, crystal teardrops, cure for cancer, daria//trent, dark chocolate, darth vader, dove shampoo, e-stalking brian molko, eccentric makeup, estée lauder lipstick, europetrotting, extreme bondage, failing hacky sacks, female dominance, fiddling with html, film noir, fingerless gloves, fingerwaving hair, fishnet tights, forbidden places, french street signs, fresh sushi, glass blowing, grey eyes, h. p. lovecraft, heavy rain, i touch myself, icy cold water, italian vogue, je ne sais pas, jeremy iron's voice, lacy underwear, latina/scandinavian, lightheadedness, lolitaesque heart-shaped glasses, lonerism, lunar eclipses, macabre black/white photography, marilyn monroe envy, marquis de sade, michelle pfeiffer = catwoman, midol, monkey spank, mun, necrophiliacs, nietzsche/nihilism, nymphs & satyrs, occult, old cartoon network shows, old vhs videos, old-school hollywood glam, optical illusions, orgasms, patent leather pumps, planting orchids, prescription drugs, pretty girls make graves, raspberry flavored condoms, reading trashy romance novels, red apples, ripped up jeans, running with scissors, sadomasochism, serial killers, shirley manson adoration, shooting stars, slash fanfiction, slave to the wage, smoking, smut, sociopaths, solar eclipses, steampunk top hats, stiletto heels, straight jackets, strongass coffee, sudoku, superstitions, taoism, the joker pwns all, tight-fitted corsets, titus andronicus, typhoid and swans, unstable people, vintage & second-hand boutiques, violently happy, webcam posing, whips of leather, white roses, world domination, x-ray pictures, xanax plz, yearofthedragon, zodiac symbols, zzz insomnia